Quick Guide to Find Hairdressing Jobs in London

Hairdressing is a career of passion and opportunities. It is a career in which you never get short of jobs and growth. If you are looking for hairdressing jobs in London, this post will help you find the jobs that are relevant to your education, skills, and experience.

We have created a list of job portals which are some of the best portals for searching the jobs in any field. Check out these job portals to find the job of your dreams.


Reed is one of the best job portals that has plenty of job offers in every field. The portal offers you to find the relevant job in your area. You can choose the distance or range within which you are comfortable to travel to your job location. Moreover, you can enter the salary range and find the employers who offer the jobs in the required salary range.

Blue Tit

Blue Tit is a company that offers hairdressing jobs in London. Applicants can find the jobs for positions like hairstylist, assistant stylist, and apprentice. The company also supports the employees in their career and offer opportunities for growth. Blue Tit also has a training academy which offers courses to grow further in the industry. The academy offers training for fresher applicants as well as for experienced hairdressers.

Hair 2 beauty

Hair 2 beauty is another online portal that provides jobs for hair dressers and senior hair stylists. To apply for jobs on this website, you will need to create an account on the portal. Hair 2 beauty provides jobs in reputed salons and companies having a big name in the industry. For example, it has job opportunities in Dobney, Headmasters, the Klinik, Gary Ingham, etc.


Adzuna is a great portal for finding hairdressing job in London. The portal has plenty of jobs in every field. Whether you are a fresher looking to start your career or you are an experienced hairstylist, you can find the job on Adzuna. The portal has jobs for positions like barbers, hairstylists, and senior hairdressers. Moreover, you can select the area where you are looking for the job. Adzuna helps you to apply for jobs in your area or which are nearest to your location.

Gum Tree

Gum tree is another great website to find the hairdressing jobs in London. The website has plenty of jobs for hairdresser positions in almost every area of London. Once you create an account, you can find and apply for the positions like assistant hairdresser, barber, hairstylist, salon assistant and many other jobs in your field. You can enter your email address and get the job alerts directly to your mail.

Final Words

Hairdressing is a great career which offers plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement. The above-mentioned portals are some of the best job portals to apply for hairdressing jobs in London. If you are a fresher, these portals can help you to start your career and jobs that will offer you growth after you gain experience.