How To Ace Your Job Interview for Hairdressing Jobs in London

Once your resume wins the hardest part of the battle and lands you a one on one personal interview, you need to ensure that you bring your A-game. Appearing for an interview for hairdressing jobs in London can be tricky and might require you to do a sample haircut. This is where your skills will actually be tested, but that is not the only thing you will be assessed on.

Here are a few tips to help you ace your hairdressing job interview in London:

Do Your Homework

Ensure that you research about the salon extensively before your interview. Go to their website and see what they do, what their prime area of focus is and what kind of clientele they cater to. This will give you an idea of what is expected of you in this job.

Reach There Early

Punctuality is one of the primary things that is appreciated in any workspace. However, when you are appearing for an interview for hairdressing jobs in London reaching there 15-20 minutes early is recommended. This will help the employer know you care about the job and also help you look at your competition if any.

Dress Professional

Though this isn’t a conventional desk job that you’re be applying for and is considered a fairly creative field, you still are a professional, and that is exactly what your ensemble should portray.  Stay away from denims and sneakers or the funky accessories you have hanging in the closet.

A solid white or black dress should be preferred with a jacket or at least a vest. You have to give that extra attention to your own hair if you want to make that first impression.


Like any other conventional job, get ready to face a plethora of questions that might make you uncomfortable. Answers to the most frequently asked questions like ‘How long do you intend to work at our Salon?’ or ‘Have you ever had trouble with your previous manager?’ should be prepared well in advance.

You need to know that if you intend to work for a short while then most employers would not be interested in you as they will have to go through the whole process of employment again.

Ask Questions:

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. In fact, some experts believe that asking questions at your interview for hairdressing jobs in London makes the impression that you are interested in the job and considering it as a serious career prospect.

Asking them what the work culture is like in their salon or how do they see this position advancing in the next two years are some of the questions that will establish you as a serious contender.

Handling Unhappy Customers

Some people spend crazy money on styling their hair or as a matter of fact for any other personal care treatments. Often you can come across some people who are too stubborn when it comes to their unreasonable demands and cause trouble for you.

‘Customer is the King’ applies to hairdressing jobs in London as well. You need to know how to settle issues with this customer while making sure you don’t lose the business they are bringing to the salon. This is by far the biggest quality employers look for in an applicant.

These abovementioned points might be able to help you prepare better for the interview, but there is nothing that can matte enough as much as your skill. So make sure you practice extensively and have a variety of services to offer the client.