Career Opportunities in Hairdressing Industry

Having a career in hairdressing is incredibly exciting. With the growth of fashion industry, hairdressing has become a great career choice for many. Hairdressing is not only about haircuts nowadays but about various other fields and options. The list of hairdressing jobs is very long as the demand for a stylist is increasing day by day. But for those who are passionate about hairdressing, this is a great job and career option.

Here are some of the best career opportunities for you in this field.

Salon Owner

Nothing is better than running your own business. The best career opportunity in hairdressing industry is opening your salon. You can also buy a franchise of a reputed salon. This is the best opportunity in this field and will reap you great benefits. You can earn quite well by running your own salon.

Sales & Marketing

If you are in hairdressing career, it is very important to know about all the new products and its sales. In sales & marketing, you have to keep a tab all products in the hairdressing industry according to the latest trend and their prices to maximize the salon’s profit.

Salon Trainer/Assessor

You can train different trainees who are new to this line of field and want to learn. You can give lectures in college or become a private tutor.

Salon Technician

Salon technician has to manage all the stock of the salon. Ordering new products and keeping a check on all the products available in the salon.

TV And Film Hairdresser

You can be a hair stylist and hairdresser for the TV and film industry. It is a good paying job. You have to style the hairs of different and models. You can travel the world also as you have to accompany the actors wherever they go on a shoot.

Freelance Hairdresser

Freelancing is a good option for the hairdressing industry. You can be self-employed and work according to your schedule. Either you can work from your home, or you can go to your client’s home. This offers great flexibility in this career line. There are many hairdressing jobs available in London. Freelancing is the best option if you do not want to bind by the timings of the salon.

Hospital/Care Home Hairdresser

People in hospitals and home care are not able to visit salons. But they need hairdressing. You can work as a hospital hairdresser. You can go to the patients and offer them your services.

 Salon Hairdresser

You can always pursue a career as a hairdresser. You can work in a salon or open your salon and give your services to the clients. You will be the senior stylist and can also train other assistants and pass on your knowledge.

Salon Receptionist

This is also a basic role in the field of hairdressing. You can be a receptionist and manage the salon. Your job will be to book and manage appointments, sales and the services of the salon.

Color Technician

If you love coloring hair, then you can choose a job of a color technician. A color technician is an expert in hair coloring and also supports a team of hairdressers. Nowadays, everyone loves experimenting with their hair. Coloring your hair has become a trend hence the job Color Technician.

According to the hairdressing industry, there will be considerable growth in the next few years which will lead to many hairdressing jobs. So, this is the perfect time if you are looking for a career in the hairdressing industry.