5 Simple Ways to Make Six Figures in Hairdressing Jobs London

Gone are the days when the hairdressers used to make minimum wage. People today want to style themselves in a way that would make them stand apart from others. They have also grown to be more conscious of hygiene which is why they prioritize their personal care needs. You will be surprised to know how much they are willing to pay you for making their looks stand apart from the crowd.

This has opened up a vast potential for hairdressing jobs, London and some hairdressers are already making north of £450,000 a year.

How to Make Six Figures in Hairdressing Jobs London:

  1. Professionalism

It is extremely crucial for you to maintain professionalism in your work. The very first way that can be done is by ‘dressing right.’ People who are looking to get an expensive haircut are not expecting a ‘punk’ wearing denims or loose clothing to style their hair. Make sure you dress like a million bucks. A solid black or white is expected which is to be topped up with a vest or a jacket.

As a professional hairdresser in London, you also need to respect your client. Never turn up late for an appointment and keep them waiting for you.

  1. Build Relationships

If you have a clientele that counts on you for all things hair, you too need to build cordial relationships with your clients. We aren’t saying make plans with them outside of work.

Remember their kid’s name, or ask them to show you their pet’s picture when they talk about them or remember what they like. This will let them know that you don’t care about their money. Hairdressing Jobs in London require you to retain some information from your client’s meetings with you so you can use them as conversation starters the next time.

  1. Provide Solutions

When your clients come to you, it might not always be about hair spas or hair styling. People have various kinds of trouble with their hair and might need some care to cater that. Since you have built a trust with them over time, they will undoubtedly look up to you for that as well.

  1. Keep Learning

Even if you happen to be someone who is working in the field for way too long then “I Know Everything” Is something that might be affecting your career. You need to know the dynamics of the industry, and there might be new styles in the trend that you may not know of.

It is essential to keep attending workshops, seminars, and classes to learn new styles and keep yourself up to date with everything that is happening in the industry.

  1. You have to be hungry for success

Are you hungry for success? What we mean by that is, are you passionate about your job? Make sure that you aren’t someone who is stuck with hairdressing jobs in London because of lack of options. When you really want something, it is natural to find yourself striving for it too hard. You have to give it all it takes. From viciously searching for new trends on Instagram to building relationships with your clients, you might have to invest a lot of time into things that don’t ‘directly’ pay you.